Evaluation of the finished piece


Overall, I am pleased with my final piece.  It is a good representation of what I had visualised early on in this module.  In one regard I feel that I have achieved beyond my expectations in that I think the moths do look as if they are in flight around the shade and I wasn’t sure early on in its construction whether I would be able to achieve this effect.  I was concerned that the moths might look too clumsy and heavy but the almost transparent silk organza enabled them to be very light.

I gave a lot of thought to this piece in the planning stages and found it very helpful to explore different ideas in my sketchbook.  I was quite systematic in my approach i.e. thinking about the overall design, then moving on to the materials to use for the different elements such as wire and fabric; how to construct the lamp shade; how to create the wire coils; how to decorate the different elements.  This was a much more considered approach to design than I used prior to this course and it has shown me the value of documenting ideas in order to develop them.

I am pleased with the materials that I used.  As mentioned previously, the silk organza proved to be perfect for creating the ethereal nature that I was seeking for the moths.  It is almost transparent and frays well thus creating lovely organic shapes but is stiff enough to hold the wing shapes when gathered.  It also allows the light to shine through on the mosaic piece that I used to cover the lamp shade.

The 1mm galvanised wire was the right thickness to allow me to create the wire coils so that they would be firm enough to hold their shape when attached to the lamp shade.  Ideally I would have liked the wire to have been slightly thinner to give a more graceful look to the piece but it would not have been strong enough to hold the shape.  To try to reduce the visual impact of the wire I chose galvanised wire rather than a rusted or painted wire as the beautiful silver finish reflects the light and helps to make it look more delicate.

The piece functions well as a lampshade…it does what it needs to do i.e. it diffuses the light from the bulb softly through the silk organza and at the same time it is an interesting piece of artwork.

If I were to make the piece again the change that I would make would have been to the mosaic fabric that I used to cover the shade.  With the benefit of hindsight, and having sat looking at the lamp lit in my room over a few weeks, I realise that the mosaic would have looked better if it had been cut and stitched several more times to make smaller fragments.  These would have increased the moth-like appearance further and would have given a greater number of seams which look interesting when illuminated from behind.


One thought on “Evaluation of the finished piece

  1. What a beautiful and novel idea, I love the way the organza diffuses the light. I’d be transfixed if I’d made this with the moths taking flight!


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