Module 3 – Chapter 1

Module 3 introduces research, design and decorative textile techniques based on linear patterns using SPIRALS and MOVEMENT as a theme.

My first task was to look for resource images of spirals, both manmade and naturally occurring.  Until researching spirals I had thought of just one simple shape like this:image

Image 3.1 below shows a variety of spirals found in architecture, machinery and every day items such as hose pipe.   Once I started doing some simple pen sketches to try to copy the various spirals, I realised there were several different ways of creating spirals.

image Image 3.1 – examples of man made spirals

In 3.2 below, I looked at examples of spirals in nature.  Whilst the ammonite, fern fronds and spiders web share a similar design i.e. a continuous line spiralling from a central point, the cabbage and pine cone were quite different.  The cabbage had overlapping layers spiralling from a central point and the pine cone was formed by a series of arc shaped lines crossing each other.


Image 3.2 – examples of spirals in nature


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