Module 3 – Chapter 8


I collected a variety of beads in my colour scheme.  These are numbered in the image below as follows:

1 – pailettes or sequins

2 – glass bugle beads

3 – glass pearl beads

4 – pailettes made from pieces of plastic cut from a milk bottle

5 – coins

6 – rocaille or seed beads

7 and 9– shells

8 – sections of silk cocoons

10 – wooden beads


image Image 8.1

As can be seen in the images below, I tried different ways of stitching the beads on.

image Image 8.2 – broken shells stitched in place through holes in the shell

image Image 8.3 – Pearl beads and wooden beads stitched on top of each other


Image 8.4 – Shells stitched under chiffon; a coin stitched on with threads creating spokes; seed beads stitched in tight lines close together to create full coverage of an area.


Image 8.5 – silk cocoons attached by making a hole with the needle


Image 8.6 – bugle beads stitched in star shapes; sequins stitched with seed beads to make flowers


Image 8.7 – plastic pailettes held in place by threads without piercing the paillette; glass bugle beads stitched in rows; clusters of pearl beads


Image 8.8 – overlapping sequins stitched in rows; seed beads stitched separately; bugle beads stitched in random directions


Image 8.9 – seed beads in lines; pearl beads in circle


Image 8.10 – seed beads stitched on to sequins


Image 8.11 – sequins, not overlapping, stitched in spirals

I also tried some different ways of using beads for edging:

image Image 8.12 – clusters of seed beads; strands of seed beads to create a fringe


Image 8.13 – seed beads stitched into loops; seed beads stitched in straight line


Image 8.14 – tassels made from glass seed beads with bugle beads on the end


Image 8.15 – tassels made from seed beads with sequins threaded between them


Image 8.16 – the final sampler

I enjoyed this chapter very much.  It was interesting experimenting with different ways of attaching the beads, and also using unusual items as beads e.g. the shells, coin, silk cocoon and pieces if milk bottle plastic. I particularly liked the tassels that I created with glass beads and sequins on the edging; they didn’t hang as well as the ones with bugle beads on the end as they were lighter, but the shapes were more interesting.

I think the overall effect on the sampler of the different types of beads is very pleasing.