Module 4 – Evaluation of assessment piece

The completed embroidered assessment piece for Module 4 is a photograph/sketch album based on the design topic of media.

How do I feel about the resulting conclusion?

I am very pleased with the final piece.  It feels very pleasant to the touch as the Calico has softened due to handling and has a slightly brushed feel.  I feel that it shows quite a lot of creativity in the various elements that I used to decorate the fabric and in creating the marine parts e.g. sails, rigging, ropes and cleat.  It also has an emotional connection in that it represents a special sailing adventure that I am undertaking.

Is it fit for purpose?

Yes.  It meets the brief as it is an embroidered panel, larger than A4 in size, which has been folded to create an item related to media.  I used several techniques from the Module including:

  • lettering made from rubbing over raised letters
  • machine and hand embroidery lettering and doodling
  • making grids from drawn thread work
  • paper making
  • stitching into handmade paper
  • making interesting book forms

If I was asked to make it again, what changes would I make to the way I designed it and the way I made it?

  • I would probably dye the Calico a slightly darker manila colour before starting stitching as it has become slightly grubby-looking after all of the handling, printing, stitching etc.
  • I think it would be interesting to have a contrast of the text size by adding in some tiny text in as well as the larger ‘Jolie Brise’ lettering.
  • I would overstitch the ‘rigging’ and ‘rope ladder’ with a silky thread in order to give a contrast to the matt surface of the cover and make it stand out more

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